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A special mini-series on cookbooks we love

The new issue of Pure Green is imminent and it's all about food. We're so excited to present it to you, it should start to hit mailboxes and stores soon! I'd like to keep the PGM blog more relevant to each issue's theme, and as part of that effort we're introducing a mini-series on some our favourite cookbooks, new and old (there are some real goodies out there!). First up is a brand new cookbook by Rohan Anderson, who pens a well-loved blog by the same name, Whole Larder Love (WLL). Rohan seems like a great character - I may have the opportunity to meet him in person this winter and I really hope that comes true. WLL, in all it's incarnations, is inspired by Rohan's quest to find a better way to eat. He sees an inherent fault in our modern food system (such as food that travels thousands of miles to reach your plate) and has set about finding ways to set that right for he and his family. He's learned to garden, forage, fish and hunt and invites you along for the ride—he's wonderfully honest and asks that we all own up to the ways in which we acquire food, even if it's in ways that might make you uncomfortable at first. We all have a responsibility to uphold, for the ways in which we currently do things isn't sustainable. Jonathan, our Food Editor, is a big fan of Rohan's because they subscribe to the same school of cooking—a little rough and tumble, great tasting and decadent but not gourmet, and not constrained by the confines of a recipe. Rohan encourages you in his book to really experience food and to delight in the process, from planting the seed, casting a line or catching your prey to preparing and eating the food. You begin to understand, as you turn the pages, that there is a way to change, you can take back the control over your own food supply, and further, you should take great pride in the strides you take to do that. The book is filled with awesome ideas and mouth-watering recipes, a wonderful combination of DIY ideas and food inspiration—the book is set to be released later this month. You can pre-order the book HERE. In the meantime, the North-American publishers of Rohan's book, Powerhouse, were kind enough to share some images with us AND a sneak peek recipe! Read on below! 

Rohan in the garden.

Click this image to enlarge the recipe for easier reading.

IMAGES from Whole Larder Love by Rohan Anderson, published by powerHouse Books



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