DIY | Yoga Mat Cleaner

Posted By:Celine
A simple DIY to make your own yoga mat cleaner in less than 5 minutes. Read More
Learn how to make a birthday beeswax candles a simple and sweet craft to make on your own or with kids. Read More
Even if you're really good at drinking water, do you give consideration to what kind of water you're drinking, besides than just how it tastes? The quality of your water is equally important as how much you drink, perhaps even more so. Recently I learned a whole lot more about water, and it fired me up a little (in a good way, like I'm going to kick my own butt and drink MORE), but I wanted to share a couple of quick takeaway tips that I learned on hydrating smarter and better. Read More
CORN NEEDS NO RECIPE, IT'S GOOD THE WAY IT IS. So just a few notes... Read More

Happy Summer!

Posted By:Celine
I don't know about you live, but where I live is incredibly hot this week. Not only is it hot, but the sun is strong. Last Sunday (my only day off) I indulged by spending a good portion of the day on the dock.... in and out of the water every 10 minutes! Read More
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