I have fallen in love with the magic of this place—Fig & Fauna. These days, I'm craving a simple life, more and more it seems. It's a hard thing sometimes to realize you may have lost touch, just a little bit, with yourself, what you truly love, and what's really important at the end of each day. I'm learning a few lessons right now and I feel thankful for it, as I'm getting to know myself a little better each day. This video (and the utter gorgeousness on their website) have given me a wee bit of an escape, if even for a moment, and I'm grateful. It's going to be a beautiful day! Read More

Inspired | The First 70

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As we are wrapping our next issue (of which the theme is The Great Outdoors), when I came across this project I felt it was very appropriate. Besides beautiful videography filled with stunning vistas, it's for a good cause too. I wish for the success of this campaign with all my heart. Have a listen to this trailer and be sure to visit TheFirst70.com to find out how you can help and, if you live in California, find a screening near you. Read More
A video which took seven months to create using miniatures. Besides being an incredible visual feat, it sheds light on why commercial fishing is not sustainable and shares ideas for how to create a better system. Read More
A neat video about the origins of the infamous and infinitely quoted 'Keep Calm & Carry On' poster. Read More

Inspired | The Beekeeper

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Bees are so interconnected with our food system and ecology it's hard not to be curious about them. To nurture and protect them feels as though you are guardians of something much bigger than yourself. Please watch and enjoy this special short film about Megan Paska— a Brooklyn based beekeeper, backyard farmer and educator; created by the talented team at Made by Hand. Read More
A stunning piece of work. It's an incredible playground we live in. Project Yosemite is a collaborative project by Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty who wanted to show Yosemite in an extreme way using timelapse photography. The results are breathtaking and it embodies everything I love: the great outdoors, camping, paddling and a few things I'd like to learn like rockclimbing. But more than anything this will leave you completely awestruck. The beauty is just something else... to appreciate the wonder of our planet is to fuel a desire to preserve it. Read More
Truly this doesn't need much introduction. It's a stunning reminder of the beauty found in nature and exactly the type of thing that fuels my passion to preserve and to appreciate. We Were Wanderers is an ode to the incredible flora and fauna of Malaysia –directed by James Griffiths, the video is narrated to excerpts from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, published in 1899. Read More

Inspiration | Chez Snips

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I couldn't resist sharing this wonderful video from Chez Snips, a lovely little hair studio in Montréal - owned and operated by stylist Nadyne, the studio has the most lovely personable feel. The perfect mix of vintage coziness and bohemian charm, you come to Chez Snips as much for a haircut as a friendly chat! And to top it all off, Pure Green Magazine makes a cameo appearance!! It will never, ever get old seeing Pure Green out there in the world, especially in such a lovely place as this!! Read More
Continuing to LOVE this video series from Made by Hand, this one featuring knife maker Cut Brooklyn. This one is for Jonathan, food editor|husband|partner here at Pure Green Magazine. Read More

Growing is Forever

Posted By:Celine
I have often searched for ways to express how the forest makes me feel. This comes pretty darn close. So. Beautiful. Read More

This is Made by Hand

Posted By:Celine
A video series promoting that which is made locally, sustainably, and with a love for craft. Brooklyn, NYC. Read More

Figs & Ginger

Posted By:Celine
Figs & Ginger: a video about an adorable couple making eco-friendly jewellery inspired by forests. Read More
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