The third and final winner of #PGMinseason, Jenna Rose, from Jenna Rose Textiles, with an utterly seasonal recipe for Hot Cumin-Pickled Summer Squash. Read More

#PGMinseason | Laura Wright

Posted By:Katherine
An article on seasonal fare for #PGMinseason by community leader, Laura Wright of the THE FIRST MESS. Read More
As you can probably tell from my last post, warmer weather gives me a real taste for icy cocktails. Unfortunately, when it’s 2pm on Tuesday a boozy cocktail isn’t exactly the recipe for a successful finish to the day. So instead of pouring a cocktail, you can compromise with an icy treat that has the look and feel of a fancy cocktail, without the actual alcohol. Read More
If you live in the northeastern part of the States like I do, the end of May always brings with it the first feelings that summer’s on its way. Even though the start of the season doesn’t officially roll around until June, in late May the days are already long and you can catch your first whiffs of barbecue. If you’re anything like me, the warmer weather also gets you dreaming up yummy cocktails to sip on as the sun goes down. I’m a sucker for herb-infused concoctions poured over lots of ice. Read More

Happy Summer!

Posted By:Celine
I don't know about you live, but where I live is incredibly hot this week. Not only is it hot, but the sun is strong. Last Sunday (my only day off) I indulged by spending a good portion of the day on the dock.... in and out of the water every 10 minutes! Read More
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