Cabane à Sucre

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Celebrate the coming of spring with a peek into the decadent and rustic tradition of a maple syrup harvest at the cabane à sucre. Read More
One of our favorite food bloggers (and past PGM In Season community leader) Laura Wright of The First Mess talks to Celine in episode 12 of the Pure Green Podcast on living well, taking care of yourself, and staying connected. This is a good one for sure, so have a listen and get inspired! Read More

Bonus | Dave Stanfield

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Bonus photos of canoe restorer and builder Dave Stanfield from Volume 3. Dave works on canoes within the setting of a century-old summer camp, a place steeped in history and tradition, and Dave himself has inherited his craft, life's work, and even the physical workshop, from others that have passed before him. Read More
Rather than buy a gift this year for Mother's Day (or any special occasion), why not invest in an experience? Treat her to something she loves doing but never makes time for, and celebrate the special relationship you have with her. Read More

Nature | Camp Cobbler

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Fresh air, big mountains, and camp cobbler. Read More
Summer time is such a fabulous time for a lot of reasons, but a major one is canoe tripping. Jonathan and I have been craving a trip for a while now—it's amazing how easy it has been in recent years to be so distracted by daily life that opportunities, such as planning a canoe trip, pass you by before you even realize. This year we decided with a great amount of conviction that we were going on a canoe trip. We've decided on the first week of August and the planning has begun. Maps were dug out and old lists and menu ideas from years gone by dusted off. Jonathan is a true campfire gourmet, so there's always a ton of planning to do but it pays off ten-fold at the end of a long day paddling. Have you been camping recently? I'd love to hear about your trip! Send stories and photos to Read More

Inspiration | Urnatur

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The upcoming weeks will be filled with sneak peeks and further exploration of our theme, The Urban Farm (for the stylishly self-sufficient) and some pretty fun announcements too! We're all quite excited about it, a little sleepy from long hours of work these past few weeks, but most of all, WE CAN'T WAIT for you to see it! The reason for today's post is that the mossy green roofs of these cabins, found at Urnatur, an outdoor, woodsy eco retreat in Sweden, reminds me of the cover of our new issue, which you will get to see VERY soon! It is lush, verdant, mossy, and, of course, green! Read More
A stunning piece of work. It's an incredible playground we live in. Project Yosemite is a collaborative project by Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty who wanted to show Yosemite in an extreme way using timelapse photography. The results are breathtaking and it embodies everything I love: the great outdoors, camping, paddling and a few things I'd like to learn like rockclimbing. But more than anything this will leave you completely awestruck. The beauty is just something else... to appreciate the wonder of our planet is to fuel a desire to preserve it. Read More
A last minute gift idea for the outdoorsey type in your life with everything. Read More
Another stunner from our friends at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. The white backdrop with wooden accents is one of our favourite combinations - white serves as a modern and clean starting point and the wood pairings lend a Scandinavian, fresh and organic feel. Read More
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