Sharing a glimpse into the The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning—a unique tale of exploration, environmental stewardship and food as the glue that binds us all together. Read More

Eco Read - It's All Good

Posted By:Celine
In this edition of Eco Read we cover Gwyneth Paltrow's new book on healthy eating, It's All Good. Read More
You might remember I had announced a series of Eco Read features with cookbooks in mind. Easily one of my favourite categories of books, there's so much inspiration to be had EVEN when you're married to an amazing chef. Some nights he doesn't feel like cooking, and while I don't mind the task, my mind isn't carried away with endless possibilities upon opening up the fridge door so I rely on my favourite cookbooks. With our latest issue of the magazine all about food, I thought it was apt to run a series featuring just a few of those cookbooks I love, both new and old. Today's pick is The Preservation Kitchen by Paul Virant & Kate Leahy. Read More
In our last issue we were so pleased and proud to have Aran Goyoaga contribute to our Tools of the Trade feature, a fun little sneak peek into the professional lives of great people that serves as the closing feature each issue—the above image is from the feature, it's amazing how much different it looks in layout! Aran is incredibly talented in the kitchen and behind the lens, and her work to produce great, gluten-free food and promote the diversity and deliciousness available in gluten-free cooking is truly amazing. For the last few years Aran has been working on a special treat, a book that compiles her recipes in a beautiful format, inviting you to relish each page and try each recipe! Her book is almost here and you can pre-order it from a variety of places, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble—mine is on the way and I cannot wait! Read More

Eco Read | Urban Farms

Posted By:Celine
Urban Farms - Penned by Sarah Rich and photographed by Matthew Benson, throughout it's 224 pages the book explores living and breathing examples of Urban Farming across the United States, each led by creative and passionate groups tackling growing their own food, including raising animals. A unique approach, the book pairs an informative 'how-to' approach with highly inspirational content and photographs. Read More

Inspired | Paul Barbera

Posted By:Celine
I've spent many a time wishing I had the skills of a painter or artist and yearning for the allure of a creative life, and now I find myself realizing that dream of in the form of the creative process behind Pure Green Magazine. I often dream about the perfect creative space, which is perhaps why, when I came across Where They Create, a new book of photography by Paul Barbera (with text by Alexandra Onderwater) featuring the spaces and studios of creative people, I became instantly intrigued. The sequence shown here is the home/studio of Jade Sarita Arnott of the fashion label Arnsdorf. Her spaces are full of vintage and repurposed items and also the bits and bobs that provide a small window into the process of her work. It surely sets the mind wandering... Read More
In my opinion, books should have pride of place in any home. At my house they are stacked nearly everywhere. I have probably 5 on the go at all times. Speaking of which, if you are looking for something new to add to your own personal library, I have been meaning to recommend this one to you for a long time... Read More
I've been looking forward to revisiting these photos for some time now - it stands out in my mind as one of my favourite shoots and adventures for Pure Green Magazine to date. It was the shoot that nearly didn't happen... Erin, Pure Green's regular contributing photographer and I had arranged with Don to meet at precisely 9am at his studio, in a non-descript, old industrial building downtown Toronto. After carefully counting the building numbers we came to a huge old door that must be it, pushing it open to reveal stairs to the left and an old, creaky and way too cramped old fashioned elevator that we certainly weren't getting into. The stairs it was... only Don's studio was on the top floor, and trust me when I say, camera equipment isn't light. Read More
I really enjoyed our unofficial 'Bee Week' on the Pure Green blog last week. In fact, it's inspired a little more themed posting - as part of our 'Best of 2011' series this week I'm sharing our photo shoot with Don Taylor, a bookbinder from Toronto - and I'd like to welcome you to the unofficial 'Book Week' here on Pure Green! Today's post on inspiring libraries from around the world is a predicate to tomorrow's post on Don Taylor and his craft - and the entire week is a celebration of books. Dig in and enjoy - it's going to be a beautiful week! Read More
A video and pattern download from our Eco Read Feature in Issue 6 - Lisa Occhipinti's The Repurposed Library. Read More
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