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A fun little DIY from Yellow Owl Paper and the Unconsumption Project by Rob Walker. A neat concept. [Hint: After watching the video you'll need to download the PDF template.] Read More
Lately the reasons to visit NYC are stacking up, and up and up! I'm seriously hoping to be able to plan a trip this fall - I think PGM needs to cover the dynamic things happening in this city! Today I came across something really cool - Dekalb Market in Brooklyn - an outdoor vendor market created with discarded shipping containers. Read More
Summer produce is in high season right now - this is the first year I've subscribed to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and I'm delighted with it. I keep getting veggies I didn't know could be locally grown and that I've never tried. Read More
I've been saving this one for a while - it's so beautiful my desire to live here is almost painful. I'm sure you'll agree! It's one of the latest projects by Portland design firm Jessica Helgerson Design, one of our all-time favourite sustainable design firms. Read More

Happy Summer!

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I don't know about you live, but where I live is incredibly hot this week. Not only is it hot, but the sun is strong. Last Sunday (my only day off) I indulged by spending a good portion of the day on the dock.... in and out of the water every 10 minutes! Read More
I couldn't resist sharing these - readers of the magazine will recognize these as Stone Creek Camp, the Destination feature in our latest issue. There were so many fantastic shots it was impossible to include them all in the magazine. Read More
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