It is with pleasure that I introduce a new stockist for Toronto Pure Green Magazine readers, TYPE BOOKS! I have been a fan of this wonderful little book shop for a long time - it's a thrill to now have Pure Green among the stacks! Woot! This stop motion video is amazing and a great introduction to TYPE—if you haven't seen it you're in for a treat, and if you have, well, watch it again! It's a little magical feeling and illuminates the life and character that I personally imagine books to naturally have... like when you first crack open a book you're REALLY excited about reading and just get lost in that world. Read More
I've been looking forward to revisiting these photos for some time now - it stands out in my mind as one of my favourite shoots and adventures for Pure Green Magazine to date. It was the shoot that nearly didn't happen... Erin, Pure Green's regular contributing photographer and I had arranged with Don to meet at precisely 9am at his studio, in a non-descript, old industrial building downtown Toronto. After carefully counting the building numbers we came to a huge old door that must be it, pushing it open to reveal stairs to the left and an old, creaky and way too cramped old fashioned elevator that we certainly weren't getting into. The stairs it was... only Don's studio was on the top floor, and trust me when I say, camera equipment isn't light. Read More
I really enjoyed our unofficial 'Bee Week' on the Pure Green blog last week. In fact, it's inspired a little more themed posting - as part of our 'Best of 2011' series this week I'm sharing our photo shoot with Don Taylor, a bookbinder from Toronto - and I'd like to welcome you to the unofficial 'Book Week' here on Pure Green! Today's post on inspiring libraries from around the world is a predicate to tomorrow's post on Don Taylor and his craft - and the entire week is a celebration of books. Dig in and enjoy - it's going to be a beautiful week! Read More
From the archives of Pure Green, this story originally appeared in Pure Green Magazine Issue 6 - we couldn't host the unofficial 'Bee Week' without revisiting it. This story has stayed with me - it's inspiring and honest; it's the story of Stella and Sheldon who own and operate Sweet Pure Honey in Porcupine Plains, Saskatchewan. Their story is one of hardship and joy, slowly building over the years into an enterprise where community, generosity, family and harmony are of utmost importance. One of the take home messages of the modern beekeeping movement is to stay local, but in this case I urge you, make an exception. Something about Stella and Sheldon's honey, the flora the bees collect pollen from, the love and care they receive, the processing of their honey - it's the best I've ever tasted. Read More
Incredibly important to our food production system—in environmental speak honeybees provide an ecosystem service—they pollinate more than ninety different farm-raised plants. Our dependence on their diligent pollination service is the reason that concern over honeybee colony mortality erupted amongst beekeepers in North America. We covered the subject as part of our Ecological series by Charles Nock. Read More
The recent decline of bee populations (more on this topic tomorrow) has led to a renewal of purpose among beekeeper enthusiasts and a subsequent general increase of hives found in the city, both in parks and rooftops where they are both safe and in keeping with city bylaws - in fact it is for this reason that hives are found on rooftops in many cities around the world. Today we profile two beekeepers, one in Toronto, the other in Paris, both nourishing hives at the Opera. Read More

Inspired | HK Honey

Posted By:Celine
Bees are integral to our eco system in so many ways and yet they are under threat. But something interesting is happening too - there seems to be a romance, an attitude of gratitude, surrounding the little insects. An edearment that is inspiring people around the world to make homes for them in the most unlikely places, such as Hong Kong, where Micheal Leung has created HK Honey, an organization dedicated to education, preservation and the value of local honeybees and honey. Micheal and his crew not only tend bees, they've created a network that helps support other beekeepers; they rescue wild swarms from extermination and they help you get started if you'd like your own hive. Their story is compelling as it shows that urban centers such as Hong Kong, that embody and define 'the concrete jungle' and seem entirely disconnected from nature, can still be adapted and ammended to house a honeybee. Read More
You know when there are times in your life when nearly everywhere you look there is something that inspires you? Makes you want to be and do better? This video made me feel that way... it makes you realize that you MUST make time for self-exploration. To disconnect. Get back to being you... just you. To travel more! Travelling is on my top 10 list of most important things to me, it provides such clarity, perspective, awe and for me, gratitude, yet I don't do it. Yes, the responsibilities of everyday life, of bills, of running your business have a nasty habit of taking over and the funds aren't always there. But I could start a collection jar! Or I could take advantage of the amazing things that are right in my backyard. Read More
Today I wanted to share some new work by Jesse Senko, a name PGM readers will surely recognize as he and Melanie, his wife and collaborator in slow food experimentation, contribute the regular Homesteading column to Pure Green (see a sneak peek of their column on pressing cider in our current print issue). They are also the authors of the wonderful blog on the same subject, Homemade Crackers. These dream-inspired, romantic photos really give the sense of staring off into the distance to some faraway land or idea. A little wistful and a little pensive too... they are from Ainslie Wood Co.'s newly released 2012 lookbook entitled Faded Forests. Read More

Best of 2011 | Chili!!

Posted By:Jonathan
Jonathan (Pure Green Magazine's Food Editor) describes this vegetarian chili as his favourite recipe of all time. Perfect for coming home to after a chilly winter day, this is the type of dish where you cook a huge batch and enjoy the spoils for days on end, OR, dish it up in appropriate serving sizes and toss in the freezer (this is our version of 'fast food' - for those nights when you really don't feel like cooking simply defrost and enjoy). This dish is purely vegetarian but it's hearty enough that even the most die-hard meat eater in your life won't complain. So, without further ado, click on the download link at the end of this article, hit print, take a trip to the grocery store and make this!! You'll love it! Read More
We were delighted to get a sneak peek at FLOR's new Spring 2012 collection - stylish and in perfect keeping with our philosphy at Pure Green, FLOR's modular rugs are green and gorgeous. Read More
I have always wanted a greenhouse... imagine pushing the door open on a cold day to your own private world, a wave of humidity rushing to greet you, the smell of damp earth permeating the air, all surrounded in lush greenery. Imagine a little desk in the corner where you could write in your journal or read a book. Ahhh. Perhaps it's that dream that made me sit up and take notice when I came across these modular greenhouse/garden sheds by avan.to architects in Helsinki. A perfect backyard escape that has set me dreaming all over again... Read More
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