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Alison & Tyler - Pure Green Wedding Inspiration

While we know it's not full wedding season yet, we just couldn't resist sharing these photos - the wedding of Alison Westlake, the inspiring and fantastic woman behind Coriander Girl (a floral studio in Toronto) and dear friend of Pure Green. First, many of you may be planning your own special day and while the ideas are still floating around we thought you could use a little inspiration. Second, the photos are just plain gorgeous, shot by the talented duo Joseph + Jaime. Third, we loved how Alison and Tyler plucked and gathered inspiration from the natural surroundings - wildflowers abound and Alison's wonderfully carefree nature shines through in every detail - she truly is an inspiration to any bride (as is evident by her wildly successful floral shop which is truly like no other!). And lastly, because we wanted to announce that Alison will be contributing to Pure Green Magazine!! Beginning with our next issue Alison will be adding her own very special touch and we can't wait!! Honestly, just hop on over to Alison's blog to see why we're so excited - she will definitely make you smile! 

And because Alison is a florist, read on for little snippets in her own words about her flower choices. Finally, be sure to check in tomorrow for the second installment of Best of Pure Green, featuring none other than Coriander Girl (originally seen in Issue 5).

Above (and seen below): "Queen Anne's lace another favourite flower (top three) of mine and my maid of honour and an obvious choice as the fields were exploding with them in a sea of lacy white magnificence." 

Above: "Small groupings of bullet allium, phlox, and astrantia fill old apothecary jars and vintage milk bottles."

Above: "Leucadendron~ Blushing Bride (I think I may have chosen our date knowing this flower was going to be in season) The spiky texture of this flower juxtaposes the softness of the baby pink so beautifully."

All photos © Joseph + Jaime



How wonderfully, simply 'lovely' you look Alison. You have such a creative, carefree spirit which shines through both in you words, floral arrangements and the wedding pics. It makes my heart sing, truly. Dear ol' 'diddy' (yours) is working his fingers to the bone even now, (I hear him ratatattat, across the hall) Thanks for sharing all the latest- both wedding and your new shoppe! I plan on stopping by this spring and I'll let you guess who I am. Happies, always.
April 13, 2012 | Norma Torrance, aka Lady Alyss

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