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clare day flowers

Clare Day of Clare Day Flowers is no stranger to the Pure Green blog -- in fact, she graced our virtual pages more than a couple Valentine's Days-ago and we loved her so much that we have brought her back! Her work is timeless. Not only because of the stylish and beautiful floral arrangements, but because they are grown on her organic produce farm, Red Damsel Farm, in Victoria, B.C.

In the process of purchasing a bouquet of flowers, buying local and organic may or may not be on your mind. However, small purchases and tasks such as these can be your way of weaving sustainability into daily life. Visit a local farm or florist who sources from organic growers in your area to avoid buying ones grown with harmful and unregulated pesticides that affect both the soil its grown in and the people who work with them

In this case, it isn't a sacrifice to go local and organic, and Clare Day's spectacular garden is certainly a testament to nature's beautiful bounty. 

"Ever since I was a little girl, I have found myself most at peace outside. My happiest days were spent climbing trees, picking wild berries and planting seeds. Early on, I learned to appreciate natural beauty. Now I seek to curate it." - Clare Day

clare day flowers

clare day flowers

Clare Day flowers

clare day flowers

clare day flowers

clare day flowers

PHOTOGRAPHY couresty of Red Leaf Studios

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