Destination: Dekalb Market, Brooklyn, NYC

Lately the reasons to visit NYC are stacking up, and up and up! I'm seriously hoping to be able to plan a trip this fall - I think PGM needs to cover the dynamic things happening in this city! Today I came across something really cool — Dekalb Market in Brooklyn — an outdoor vendor market created with discarded shipping containers. Amazing. We've all seen construction projects with recycled shipping containers — most are conversation|statement pieces and don't leave you feeling like the look is going to take off anytime soon [that said I've always thought ecopods was pretty cool. Still don't think you'd be doing much for the landscape, but I have a cottage on an island in Georgian Bay and I can attest to you that an iron-clad, indestructible cottage would have it's benefits]. However, re-imagined in this sense, Dekalb Market is a whole-lot more than a study in upcycling. A collaborative project between Urban Space and Youngwoo & Associates, the space is at once an event venue, an urban farm, an eatery and a retail space. Each vendor was given liberty to outfit their space in whatever manner they saw fit, resulting in a kaleidoscope of ingenuity and originality! Further, among the market's top goals are to create a dynamic sense of community, supporting local vendors, products and food while upholding a credo of sustainability. Check out the entire project at Dekalb's official site.


Opening early Summer, Dekalb Market will be open seven days a week. Located at the intersection of Flatbush Avenue Extension and Willoughby in Brooklyn, Dekalb Market can be easily reached by public transportation.


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