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Verdant & Green in Sweden

Today's post is short and sweet, as today, we are proofing new images for the upcoming release of our new issue, available in early April! The upcoming weeks will be filled with sneak peeks and further exploration of our theme, The Urban Farm (for the stylishly self-sufficient) and some pretty fun announcements too! We're all quite excited about it, a little sleepy from long hours of work these past few weeks, but most of all, WE CAN'T WAIT for you to see it! The reason for today's post is that the mossy green roofs of these cabins, found at Urnatur, an outdoor, woodsy eco retreat in Sweden, reminds me of the cover of our new issue, which you will get to see VERY soon! It is lush, verdant, mossy, and, of course, green! 

Inspiration aside, green roofs have a few amazing eco benefits, and can range from woodsy and natural, such as the ones found at Urnatur, to modern and very structured. Here are just a few of their main benefits—

-Helps control storm water runoff.

-Moderation of the 'heat island effect' in major cities, which helps keep everyone a little cooler.

-Helps improve air quality by filtering out additional pollutants and CO2.

-Makes buildings significantly more energy efficient. 

So, hopefully spring nears wherever you live... stay tuned for exciting reveals later this week!!



This is one of my top place i wish i could go someday soon (i hope). Thank you very much for reminding me my wish. Their pictures are so beautiful.
March 19, 2012 | Lila

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