PGM 13 | Passion, Creativity and Drive with Izy Hossack

Feb 10 2015

On episode 13 of the Pure Green Podcast, Celine speaks with Izy Hossack of Top With Cinnamon, the hugely popular food blog written by one confident teenage girl. In their conversation you’ll hear them talk about her earliest childhood memories and the influence growing up in a design-oriented household had on her which fueled desire to start the blog. Listening to Izy’s eloquent and confident tone, it’s not hard to imagine how her blogging “hobby” turned into a successful and well-loved cookbook that is only the beginning for this passionate and talented young woman. We are delighted to share this episode of the podcast with you here and hope you enjoy listening in, as well!

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Click to tweet: Food is so changeable [...] there is so much to discover

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top with cinnamon

top with cinnamon

top with cinnamon

top with cinnamon

top with cinnamon

top with cinnamon

PHOTOGRAPHY by Top With Cinnamon


Show Notes & Main Themes

  • Izy’s most memorable childhood recipes 2:30
  • The values that were instilled in her around food and family 5:00
  • How she discovered food blogs 8:15
  • American cuisine’s influence on Izy’s baking and cooking in the UK 10:00
  • The way she developed her photography skills through trial and error 12:52
  • The impact of using visually-driven social media outlets to promote her blog 17:30
  • Izy’s source of inspiration in recipe development 19:21
  • How her blog satiated her “creative itch” 21:00
  • "Food is so changeable [...] there is so much to discover" 22:30
  • How she navigates having social media followers of different generations 23:33
  • "Showing people you are worth it is a really good thing" 26:13
  • Why she is choosing to pursue nutrition as she grows older 27:57
  • Her life-work balance strategy as a student and blogger 29:30
  • How her cookbook came about 31:33
  • What she learned during the process of creating her book 35:17
  • Her favorite part of working on her book 37:12
  • Izy’s advice to bloggers or people looking to be successful 38:42
  • How she lives a sustainable lifestyle 40:08
  • What Izy is up to next (hint: it’s life at university!) 42:00

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