PGM 09 | Making Dinner Plans with Huckle & Goose

Jan 07 2015

This episode, Celine is talking to Anca Toderic and Christine Lacaciu, sisters-in-law and founders of the company Huckle & Goose a website plus built-in application that provides you with access to what’s in season, a carefully curated list of seasonal recipes and a neatly sorted list of groceries that supports your seasonal cooking as a way of life! Wow. Both women are mothers and committed to providing healthy and nourishing food for their family. Their dedication to this task is inspiring and along the way the topic of family meals, health-both mental and physiological-and parenting comes up. In this episode Celine discusses the stark contrast between the consumption and waste management of the food industry in North America, and Anca and Christine’s Romanian roots. This is such an interesting and exciting episode to listen to because Huckle & Goose have just gotten started and we hope that you are just as inspired by their mission as we are. As a very generous donation, Anca and Christine are offering PGM listeners 35% off a one-year membership with the code PGMPODCAST. Grab the show notes and a special playlist to add a little extra joy in the kitchen at Thank you so much for listening and we’ll see you next week!

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Christine and Anca look like they have so much fun together! We curated a few photos from Huckle & Goose to give you a sense of who the ladies are. Be sure not to miss the fantastic playlist at the bottom of the post for your next escapade in the kitchen! Thank you ladies for being on the show, AND especially for your kind and generous 35% off of a membership for Pure Green listeners (use the code PGMPODCAST)!

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Anca, Christine & the Huckle & Goose app at work

Love these gorgeous kitchen essentials illustrations

Getting kids into the market... and into the kitchen! Love the idea behind their providing them their own tote to fill and later cook!

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PHOTOGRAPHY via Huckle & Gose

Show Notes & Main Themes 

  • The motivation behind Huckle & Goose 3:00

  • Anca Lacaciu’s American food culture shock coming from Romania 4:30

  • The rise in popularity of eating less homesteaders eat less in accordance with the seasons and the natural scarcity of food in other countries 8:23

  • The way exposure to fresh, seasonal foods and eating family meals positively impacts children and lifestyle 10:23

  • Successfully incorporating vegetables into young children’s diets 12:47

  • How you can get kids excited about food through visits to the farmer’s market and including them in cooking meals 17: 08

  • The way Huckle & Goose helps you to curate locally-sourced and seasonal meals throughout the week 21:44

  • How they chose the name “Huckle & Goose” and it’s philosophy 27:08

  • The company’s intention to reinstate a connection to food 31:55

  • Striking a balance between creating thoughtfully prepared meals and managing busy schedules 37:43

  • Tips on continuing to shop local, seasonal and organic during winter months 41:09

  • Alternative foods to eat for nutrients during the winter 42:23

  • Eating ethically sourced meat and dairy products 44:36

  • Anca and Christine’s favorite seasons 47:55

  • Cooking with happiness and music! 51:57

  • Anca and Christine’s daily sustainable practices 54:35

  • Key strategies in starting a business 59:28

  • What’s coming up in 2015 for Huckle & Goose 64:00

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